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Puppy Practice
It seems like everyone today is getting a puppy! Mackensie and Nadia both fell victim to the puppy craze, so they simultaneously groomed their new pets. Mackensie groomed her 13 week old American Cocker Spaniel and Nadia groomed her new Bedlington Terrier! They covered all of their tips and tricks for grooming brand new puppies as well as talking about the standard trims and techniques for both breeds!

The Best Heads and Flashy Faces
As groomers, we all know the most important part of every haircut is the face!  It's the first thing the client sees, so creating the perfect expression and trim will set you apart from your competition and have your clients coming back for more! Mackensie and Nadia covered the face while including breed standard terms, mixed breeds and personality trims.  These two shared several new  ideas on multiple breeds and coat types to revamp your client's look! They provided some great time-saving tips and more that you won't want to miss!

Q&A with Mackensie, Nadia and Sam 
Learn more about the products used during the presentations, techniques and more!