Love Groomers University


Love Groomers University Webinar
Monday, June 29th from 12pm- 4pm CT.
The cost to attend is $19.99.
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Schedule of Speakers:

12:00 PM - New Puppies
Presented by Mackensie Murphy (Groom Team USA)
- First time trim up and haircut ideas
- Handling techniques
Mackensie will be working on a 5 month old Bernadoodle puppy, never been groomed before! She will be demonstrating handling techniques for new pups as well how to adjust their haircuts based on how the dog manages their first time at the groomer.

1:00 PM - Poodle Basics
Presented by Nadia Bongelli (Groom Team Canada) 1hr
- Shaving face, feet, tail, and setting cuffs.
- Scissoring top knot, tail, poms
Nadia will be grooming her standard poodle for this segment. She will go over all of the poodle staples, from setting cuffs, cutting in your basic top knot to the easiest way to shave a nice clean poodle foot.

2:00 PM - Salvaging the Shave Down
Presented by Philip Schafamayer (Groom Team USA) 1hr
- Tips for starting over
- Transitioning from shave down back to stylized pet trim
Phil is going to be demonstrating how to start over on a Havanese that he had to shave down at the end of April. Times are tough and we are all shaving down most of our clients whether we like it or not. Watch Phil take a pet growing in from a 7 blade and start a transition back into a cute personality pet trim.

3:00 PM - Product Knowledge and Q&A 
with Sam Nelson, Mackensie Murphy, Nadia Bongelli, and Philip Schafamayer
Learn more about the products used during the presentations and get answers to all your grooming questions!

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