Love Groomers University

Love Groomers would like to invite you to join us for a FREE Grooming Workshop!  Mackensie Murphy and Ava Knight will demonstrate tips, prep, and scissoring techniques for various coat types to save you time and heartache!  Time is money, so learning resourceful tricks will shorten your day and ease your schedule.  Plus, there will be gift bags for all the attendees and the opportunity to shop products at a discounted price! 

Here’s a quick look at everything Mackensie and Ava will be covering in the workshop:

– Doodles –
Tips and tricks to speed up your doodle trims!  Style ideas beyond the shave down – Stop fighting with Doodles and their owners by learning how to get it done fast and with style. 

– Sporting Dogs –
Flattering pet trims, brilliant bevels and all your questions answered about Sporting Dog grooming being demonstrated on an American Cocker.

– Hand Scissoring Techniques –
Learn when and how to use each of your scissors.  Get the most out of your thinners and chunkers!

– Double Coats –
Learn about the best tools and techniques to efficiently deshed double coated breeds.

FREE Education!  We believe that lifelong learners make the best grooming professionals, and that quality education should not be a financial burden!  That’s why Love Groomers is proud to sponsor this seminar; we LOVE groomers and want to see them thrive!

Spots are limited so don't wait, register today!

FREE Doodles, Cockers, and Double Coat Workshop

First session 10 – 12
Break 12 – 1
Second Session 1 – 3
Q&A 3 - 4

Monday January 16, 2023 10am-4pm

Cumberland House Knoxville, Tapestry Collection by Hilton 1109 White Ave, Knoxville, TN 37916

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